landscaping200pxWhat does your yard say about you?

Landscaping gives the first impression of your home, and can add — or detract from— its value. Whether you want to exude elegance, calm, tradition, structure, or lush nature, we can help create a unique setting for any budget.

Design and implementation

Creating a beautiful outdoor environment for you is our passion at Ground Effects Landscaping. Our landscape designers work closely with you to discover what kind of atmosphere you want to create with your yard or outdoor space. With your input, we thoughtfully design a detailed plan, keeping in mind budget, water conservation, native plant choices, maintenance needs, texture and color palette.

Once you approve the design, we’ll get to work creating, constructing and planting.

Already have a landscape design? We are happy to implement your personal designer’s plan, too.

Synthetic Grass

Natural lawn isn’t really very natural in our climate. To keep a lawn looking nice, one has to commit to extensive watering, regular fertilizing, mowing and weed control. Synthetic turf in place of natural grass oftentimes makes much more economic and environmental sense. It is not the artificial turf that may come to mind. Besides saving time and money, its many benefits include:

  • No watering
  • No fertilizing
  • No mowing
  • A green lawn all year
  • Looks and feels like real grass
  • Allergy reduction

Sod and Lawns

For some people, nothing compares to a natural lawn. Grass offers a natural playground for both children and adults while also providing a lush, welcoming setting for your home. We can renew an existing lawn, or create a new lawn with high-quality sod or grass seed which is chosen specifically for your environment. Having an irrigation system installed at the time of planting is a great way to ensure a luxurious, green lawn all year.

Irrigation Systems

Proper watering is essential to sustaining a healthy, beautiful landscape. We can plan and install an irrigation system that works best for your yard’s unique needs, while remaining conscious of water conservation and costs.


Lighting in your landscape can be utilitarian, as in lighting a walkway, or used for design purposes throughout garden beds to enhance specimen plants. We can plan and install a variety of lighting systems, from solar to low-voltage to LED systems.


Patios, walkways, walls and other structures can also be very important and elegant additions to your landscape. Please refer to our hardscapes page to learn what we can create for you.

Quality and Workmanship

We source plants and materials from the only highest quality nurseries and suppliers to ensure that your landscape remains beautiful for years. As a C-27 landscape contractor with over 20 years of experience, we take great pride in our work and collaborate with the best designers and highly skilled craftspeople on every job. Your happiness and satisfaction is our number one goal. Please call us today for an estimate.