hardscapesBuild Something Beautiful

Creating an outdoor living space not only gives you more room to relax, entertain and enjoy, but it can increase the overall value of your home. Our decades of construction experience allow us to create beautiful hardscapes.


A beautiful path guides you through the landscape. We can create paths using pavers, flagstone, river rock, concrete, bark, or even grass.


Patios are a great way to enjoy outdoor living with your family and friends. We can build your patio from the ground up, clearing the site and laying flagstone, concrete, pavers, or tile. We can also bring an old patio to life by resurfacing with these same materials.

Pool Decks

A beautiful pool deck makes your pool and outdoor space more inviting. Whatever your style, we can create a gathering space constructed from wood, concrete, stained or engraved concrete, flagstone, and tile.

Pools and hardscapes

Outdoor Rooms

more than a patio, an outdoor room is like an addition to your home without the expense. We can create a living room with permanent seating and a roof, or perhaps just a pergola over which vines can grow creating natural shade, and thoughtfully designed lighting. Add a fire pit or fireplace to create an even cozier atmosphere all year.


Outdoor Kitchens

In our warmer climate, outdoor kitchens are a very popular for both entertaining and  day-to-day cooking. We can install a full stove, sink, and bar, as well as build a grill or pizza oven, finishing it all with custom counter tops and cabinetry.

Concrete Restoration

Old or just plain ugly concrete does not have to be jack hammered up and replaced. We can revive your old concrete with both concrete staining and concrete stamping.

Concrete Staining

An old slab of concrete can look new again by applying a colored stain. By combining rich colors with different application techniques, we can create a unique finish that cannot be achieved with stone.

Concrete Stamping and Engraving

Performed in conjunction with concrete staining, stamping is often used to replicate the look of a more expensive material like flagstone, tile or even wood. We can also engrave medallions and original artwork right into the concrete.

Stone Work

We can create patios, paths and stairs using flagstone and pavers, as well as resurface existing patios or structures. Retaining walls, raised beds and fire pits are more beautiful and unique when constructed using stone.

Tile Work

Tile is an elegant , artful addition to any hardscape. Our professionals can create and build a tile patio, walkway, or pool deck as well as add tile design and accent to nearly any surface you desire.

Landscape Borders

Concrete landscape curbing creates an elegant solution to the problem of maintaining clean edges or borders in the landscape. We can create attractive borders that follow the curves in your landscape while keeping unwanted grass out of your flower beds.

Fire Pits

A fire pit provides a gathering place in your yard or on your patio. We’ll design and build a fire pit from stone, rock or concrete. Get your ghost stories and marshmallow roasting sticks ready.


Just as inside your home, an outdoor fireplace can serve as the heart and soul of your outdoor room. Allow our professionals to build a masonry fireplace or install the pre-fabricated fireplace of your choice and just see how quickly everyone gathers around.


From basic asphalt to tile, we create durable driveways for new construction or revitalize an old driveway for an existing home.


Driveway Approaches

Our expertise in concrete allows us to install driveway approaches that range from the most basic to elegant, as well as installing curbs and gutters that complement your home.